DoppleX DX16 and DX26

The DoppleX DX16 and DX26 are a faithful recreation of the famous Doppola speakers shaping the tone of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour’s 1994 live concert.

Depending on the need of power we offer two types of DoppleX speakers: DoppleX DX16 with one 6″ 100W speaker (8ohms) and DoppleX DX26 with two 6″ 100W speakers (16ohms).

An optional flight case for safe storage and transport of the DoppleX is offered separately.




– High quality 6″ 100W drivers
– DX16: 8ohm / DX26: 16ohm
– Wide supply voltage: 88…264VAC
– Remote Input: Fast/Slow
– Two individual speed controls with LED indicator
– Speedrange: 50…400RPM


DoppleX DX16 : €500,00 (-10% pre-sale discount*)
Dopplex DX26 : €650,00 (-10% pre-sale discount*)

Optional Flightcase:
DoppleX DX16 : €285,00  (-10% pre-sale discount*)
DoppleX DX26 : €320,00  (-10% pre-sale discount*)

Presale start December 1st 2020.

*Pre-sale discount ends at the end of January 2021!