ToneFusion – Blender with phase-correction

Our newest pedal, the ToneFusion, is a small blender pedal allowing you to blend in a desired amount of signal from any other stompbox, a fuzz, an overdrive or even modulation! With only two controls it’s an easy to use pedal but with a lot of possibilities!

The MIX knob adjusts the mix of wet and dry signal. Fully counter-clockwise is just the dry signal. What comes in, goes out! Fully clockwise is just the wet signal, this could be any pedal of your liking.  Every spot in between CCW and CW gives you a great mix of both worlds!

The PHASE switch allows you to correct a possible phase discrepancy from the external pedal.

The ToneFusion is available in our shop for €60,- plus shipping.

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while, but we are back on our social media channels!
The past few months were dominated by a move from Hoevelaken to Harderwijk and the redesign of the workplace. The latter is still ongoing, but the first projects for 2020 are leaving the workplace!

Two RAT-distortion pedals, one of which has been expanded with a clean-blend and a diode-selection switch, and another with a print supplied by the customer, have been delivered!

In addition, we performed a re-cap job on a JBL Subwoofer, which had an unstable power supply which resulted in audible ticks, plops and hum. After replacing the capacitors, the subwoofer can handle it again!

Vintage Guitar Show Veenendaal

Taurus Electronic Design is exhibiting at the 2019 Vintage Guitar Show in Veenendaal on March 23!
At our stand you can check out and listen to our latest effectpedals and amp-emulators.

At this show we will introduce our brandnew Germanium Pedal series!

Come and visit us on March 23 at De Basiliek in Veenendaal!

De Basiliek
Wiltonstraat 56
3905 KW Veenendaal